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Creation Time:04/09/2019

In 2012, the education to "improve the quality of,Promote fair, to build high noble education, striving for the modern education The overall goal of strong area ", and further promote the comprehensive reform of education.Inspection area and educational academic area construction. Earnestly implement the preschool education"1+5" the new deal, coverage grades kindergarten to maintain 100%. Smoothly through the development of the national compulsory education basic equilibrium zone evaluation,The Ministry of education foundation education quality monitoring report shows,students

Achievements in the country's leading. The formation of community education 50300People think tank, the establishment of lifelong education "popularizing" system, andChina Adult Education Association jointly "life-long education and learningResearch centre".

The implementation of teacher 5 years 360 hours of professional training, The fourth step: 1573 teachers were. Play the famous brand effectShould, sail middle school, experimental primary school brand in Chinarespectively in the Yangtze River Feng plots and in plots. Chinese held the tenth session of Hangzhou International Education Innovation Conference (Wen Hui Forum), to promote the"thousands of primary and secondary schoolsSchool bear good "action, and America Indianapolis PerryThe school district of education to establish relations of cooperation, to further expand the city education

Education International influence.


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